Trans Men

Female-to-Male (FTM) Surgeries

Many trans men begin their gender-affirming journey with hormone therapy and counseling. As they learn more about themselves and their desires, they may decide that surgery is the next logical step. If you’re considering FTM surgeries to affirm your preferred gender, the Hanna Gender Center in Dallas can help. We offer a number of body masculinization surgery options, as well as female-to-male transgender surgery procedures to help fulfill your goals.

While we always recommend a consultation with our surgeon before making any final decisions, here are a few of the procedures we perform that can assist you through your transition journey.

Female-to-Male Transgender Surgery Options 

We take pride in accommodating all our patients with personalized care and support throughout their experience with FTM surgeries. The body masculinization surgeries we currently offer include:

Top Surgery

This procedure removes the breast tissue to create a sculpted, masculine chest. Dr. Hanna is an expert at conducting several surgery techniques for this procedure, including keyhole, periareolar, nipple free, and double incision.

Penile Implant

Penile implants help FTM transgender individuals achieve erections on demand. We offer three styles of this procedure, including three-piece inflatable, two-piece inflatable, and semi-rigid.


A metoidioplasty constructs a phallus from existing genital tissue. Dr. Hanna generally detaches the ligaments of the clitoris to create more length.

Pelvic Contouring

This procedure helps develop a more masculine structure around the genitals to give the illusion of genital projection and underlying symmetry with monsplasty and scrotoplasty.


A phalloplasty creates a phallus using a piece of tissue from your abdomen. This offers more flexibility according to patient-specific factors, including desired size, harvest site, potential scarring, and more.

The Right Choice for You

Any of these FTM surgeries, or a combination of these surgeries, may be the right choice for you. Please contact our clinic for more information and to book a consultation.