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Trusted Transgender Surgery Experts in Dallas, TX

The transgender and non-binary community in Dallas has been historically underserved for decades. Our gender-affirming surgeons are here to change that, rectifying generations of failure to support your needs. We proudly serve the TGNB community in the greater Texas region at our facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our team is also equipped to support patients from across the United States, providing a safe haven that puts you first.

Why Choose the Hanna Gender Center?

At the groundbreaking Hanna Gender Center, you become part of our family from day one. Dr. Hanna is a highly-skilled independent gender-affirming surgeon who treats the whole patient using a holistic, patient-centric model. He guides you every step of the way and is involved in every aspect of your care – from start to finish. Our support team is also there for you, helping schedule consultations, surgeries, and follow-up appointments, as well as providing comprehensive aftercare instructions and guidance. The Hanna Gender Center utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to ensure exceptional results. We tailor male-to-female, female-to-male, and non-binary procedures to align with your gender identity. Seeing your smile when the dressings come off is our greatest reward, and our gender confirmation surgeons work hard to make it happen.

What We Offer

At the Hanna Gender Center, we strive to meet the needs of everyone in the LGBTQ community. We offer a variety of procedures to transform your entire body and ensure it matches your preferred identity. Some of the most common requests our gender-affirming surgeons perform include Metoidioplasty and Pelvic Contouring for trans men, Breast Augmentation and Vaginoplasty for trans women, as well as Nullification and Orchiectomies for non-binary individuals.


A procedure for trans men that involves creating a penis from the patient’s existing gential tissue.


A surgical procedure for trans women during which the penis is modified to create a vagina.


A surgery for trans men during which a penis is constructed with tissue from other areas of the body.


A outpatient procedure for non-binary patients to remove testicles and reduce the need for hormone therapy.

Are you interested in working with Dr. Hanna? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

The Hanna Gender Center is here for you. No matter which stage of gender-affirming surgery you’re currently exploring, we’re always available to help. Reach out to us for information about a specific surgery, to schedule a consultation, or discuss your particular needs with our team. Fill out our contact form or reach out through the email and phone number below.